Do routine dental examinations invoke thoughts of pain, fear, buzzing handpieces or pointed instruments in your mind? We provide you with a technology for oral surgeries without the use of painful surgical devices! Instead we use laser lights!

Oral surgical procedures requiring removal of soft tissues can be done using an advanced technology known as diode laser. Soft tissue lasers can cause vaporization and/or cutting of soft tissues and hence are useful for procedures lik e gingivectomy, frenectomy, hemorrhagic lesion removal, gingival sculpting techniques associated with implant recovering or therapy, and subgingival curettage. This technology helps in cutting overgrown tissues on temporary anchorage mini implants, orthodontic springs and coils, buccal tube and bands. Soft tissue lasers help dentists create predictable aesthetic results within a general dental practice.

Soft tissue therapy with lasers uses two techniques namely de-epithelialization and bacterial decontamination. During de-epithelialization, the soft tissue is cut to a depth of 2 to 6 mm with lasers. The laser light is not absorbed by dental hard tissues while is highly absorbable by melanin and hemoglobin allowing soft-tissue manipulations and making it a safe procedure. At the end of therapy, laser bacterial decontamination is done to avoid infections.

The advantages of soft tissue laser therapy are relative lack of pain, ease of use, site specificity, improved hemostasis, decreased postoperative swelling, no need for stitches, improved wound healing, reduced operator time, and versatility. Moreover it is gentler than other types of oral surgeries, generates little or no heat thus improving implant longevity, and is safe in patients with pacemaker.