Do you think that regular brushing and flossing is enough to maintain your oral health?

Not necessarily. You may still develop plaque, tartar, and stains around your teeth and gums. There is only so much we can do at home to maintain our oral health. This is why the field of dentistry is vital to your overall health. Professional dental cleanings are needed periodically and it plays a crucial role in maintaining good oral hygiene and reducing the likelihood of periodontal disease progressing. That is the reason why most dentists recommend professional cleaning of your teeth at least once or twice a year.

You need not to worry or fear dental cleaning procedures. They are usually painless. We use specialized and thoroughly sterilized instruments to gently remove the plaque and tartar deposit built up around your teeth and gums without causing harm to your teeth. An ultrasonic instrument with rounded and curved tips is used to clean teeth by using mild vibrations as well as it sprays subsequent mists of cool water to wash away loose debris. Normally, the cooling mist of water, mild vibrations, and the pressure felt during “scraping” do not cause any discomfort, however, in case of pain or discomfort, the settings on the device can be adjusted for your comfort. Usually, the procedure lasts 30 minutes to an hour and is performed in a lying position in a comfortable dental chair. Feel fresher and enjoy brighter teeth with our professional dental cleaning.

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