When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist in Berlin, NJ?

We can never plan for emergencies, but we can do some research in advance so that when an emergency does occur, we’re fully prepared to respond to it quickly. With this in mind, when do you need to contact an emergency dentist?  

Keep reading to learn when an emergency dentist in Berlin, NJ is necessary!  

Knocked-Out Tooth 

Contact an emergency dentist in Berlin, NJ as soon as possible if you experience a knocked-out tooth! This is because emergency dentists are the only professionals who are capable of restoring your natural tooth if you see them fast enough.  

Make sure to rinse off your tooth with water and place it back in its socket. If it won’t stay, hold it in the side of your cheek or in a glass of water.  

Dental Abscess 

Dental abscesses are painful infections that affect the root of your teeth. Abscesses are usually developed by severe cavities or gum disease that are left untreated, but they can also develop by trauma to your teeth.  

Abscesses can’t heal on their own, so they need to be treated by a dentist as soon as possible. Your teeth may also loosen and fall out if an abscess isn’t treated.  

Metallic Taste in Mouth 

Lastly, have you noticed lately that your mouth tastes like metal, and you have crowns? This is a strong indication that one of your existing fillings have come loose, cracked, or damaged in some way. Make sure you replace your filling as soon as possible to avoid bacteria proliferating or causing a cavity or infection. on.  

Discover a Quality Emergency Dentist in Berlin, NJ Today 

If you’re not sure whether your pain or discomfort is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call your dentist anyway! After describing your symptoms, we can determine what the best treatment plan is for you.  

If you believe you’re experiencing an emergency, call us today! We can provide the relief you need as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your teeth.